Michael Nix is a contemporary classical composer, guitarist, teacher and performer. Nix lives and teaches in the tranquil Pioneer Valley of Franklin County in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Nix teaches guitar, tenor banjo, 5 string banjo, mandolin for all levels, as well as music theory and composition in both college classes and private lessons.


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Slow Jam Class

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Michael Nix, NixWorks
Slow Jam Class
Jan/Feb 2018

 Slow Jam Class is offered for adult players who would like to learn how to successfully play music with other people in a coached group setting.  Each person brings or suggests a song or instrumental that they would like to play with the group at the personal level of comfort with music that they have suggested.  We only go as fast on that song as the person suggesting it can play.  We have played everything from folk tunes, Beatles, classic rock, fiddle tunes, bluegrass and blues.  We have a lot of fun while putting some good playing skills in place. It’s a great environment to work out everything from basic strumming with others to beginning soloing strategies. 

Classes take place at the NixWorks studio in Greenfield, MA, on alternating Tuesday evenings from 7:30 9 pm.

Jan / Feb 2018 Classes:
Jan 9
Jan 23
Feb 6
Feb 20
Tuition is $100 for the four sessions.  People may drop in for a $30/session rate.
There is limit of 6 players for each class.

Register by calling, email, text message, FB message.

Slow Jam Class is a coached slow jam session once a week for acoustic instruments (guitar, banjo, mandolin, uke, fiddle, etc.) that is structured so that everyone who participates will successfully learn the skills to play music in a group setting.  These classes are structured with the adult player in mind.  I will offer my coaching and guidance in the class.
Class overview:
--A Small class of 4-6 people.  The class will run an hour and a half.
--Each person will suggest a song to work on.  You may submit a pdf or a hard copy to me, and I will distribute to the class by pdf, which can be printed and looked over before the first session.  When we play a person’s song, we go only as fast at that person can handle playing the song.  We work on making that person successful in playing both melody and chords.  Of course you will have to expect that there are different levels, and not everyone may be able to keep up with a more advanced person’s song, but we can talk about strategies to deal with that.  The important thing is that the person who brings a song will determine the speed and complexity of what is played.  That way everyone will find some success. As the class progresses we may agree on a bonus song or two to include in the sessions.
--We will work on musicianship within a group, how to listen to one another.  How to keep track of what is going on, how to get back on if you get lost.  How to shape phrases when you play melody, and how to keep your dynamics soft and support the melody when you play chords.  How to shape melody and accompaniment, with dynamics and articulations.
 --For those who are improvising, we will work on very simple improvising strategies.  We will work on accompaniment patterns, fills, and solos.
 --For those of you who are arranging, we can hand out parts and try out your arrangements in a live setting.
 --Each student will be responsible for bringing a folding music stand, and their own music printed from the pdf’s provided.

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All levels. Gift certificates available.

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All private lessons and classes take place at the Guitar Studio, Greenfield, MA

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