NixWorks Academy Understanding Modes Class

Wednesday, May 12, 7:30 pm until 8:45 pm

Understanding Modes for pickers, pluckers and folk musicians

Six Wednesdays: 4.7.21, 4.14.21, 4.21.21, 4.28.21, 5.5.21, 5.12.17. 7:30 - 8:45 pm, Eastern Standard Time

Information and registration:

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Nix teaches a four class Zoom intensive on understand musical modes and how they are used in folk music laying out the concepts of scales and modes along a string and across the fretboard rather than the traditional keyboard centric presentation. Any instrument - guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, etc. -with a G string is welcome. Each session will cover an hour of material with a 15 minute open Q & A time to follow. A great way to dig into modes in depth!

Modes are used to produce different sonic environments in folk, jazz and classical music. Some of these modes sound like a combination of major and minor inflections. Some have become associated with specific styles. The modes provide rich alternatives for color and atmosphere.

Price: Six 75 minute sessions

$150 for the four class session / Computer

Level: Intermediate. Players should have had at least a year of playing experience, the ability to play a single line melody, and the ability to play chords in various keys.

Instruments: Guitars, Banjos, Mandolin, Uke, Fiddle

The class is not style-specific so finger style, clawhammer, and flat pick players are all welcome.

Reading: Reading music is a plus, but not entirely necessary. Examples will be primarily taken from the Fiddle Tune Fakebook. If you do not read music you may want to have a copy of that book in tablature arranged for your instrument. I will supplement the class with pdf's which may contain the tunes in notation, not tab. You will be responsible for the tab.

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