Barton Cove

  • Michael Nix
  • Banjar
  • "Listeners will discover a simmering versatility!"
  • Ritchie Davis, The Recorder, Greenfield, MA 12/13/07

Michael Nix released his first CD "Barton Cove" for solo seven string Banjar, an instrument he has designed which combines elements of the five string banjo and the classical guitar with two regional performances. The evocative title track "Barton Cove" is named for a stretch of the Connecticut River in Western Massachusetts rich in natural and human history.
One of the goals of the creative musician is to develop a unique, recognizable timbre, The Banjar's seven high tension nylon strings sound somewhat like a cross between the banjo and guitar, lute or harp. Nix set out to design an acoustic instrument that would satisfy his seemingly divergent interests in finger style guitar, and banjo styles, and to satisfy the quest for a particular deep round sound from the vibrating banjo head, that existed in his imagination. He wanted the instrument to maintain two, three, or four voices simultaneously, and to render a wide range of musical style. The name Banjar came from the early usage in both Barbados and and Virginia at the time of Thomas Jefferson in the late 1700's.

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