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Michael Nix Solo Guitar and Banjar

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Three concert offerings available in 2 set with intermission or 1 hour format:

Solo Banjar

Banjar: The Art of the Modern 7-String Banjo

Michael Nix performs a concert of solo music for the Banjar, a modern seven-string classical banjo of his own design. The first part of the program “From Bach to Bluegrass” explores influences on and music of the classical banjo in traditional banjo tunings. The second part features Nix’s compositions and arrangements in various tunings that express the wealth of texture and timbre of the instrument.

“Michael Nix takes the listener along on a new voyage with a completely different musical vessel. Listeners will discover a shimmering versatility.” --Ritchie Davis, The Recorder

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Solo Classical Guitar and Banjar

Classical Guitar and Banjar, a Seven-string Classical Banjo

Michael Nix performs a concert of solo music for the Classical Guitar and the Banjar, a modern seven-string classical banjo of his own design. . The first part of the program features Nix’s compositions and arrangements in a wealth of musical styles for Classical Guitar. The second part “From Bach to Bluegrass” explores music of the classical banjo

“Thank you for presenting such a stunning concert...” Brick Church Series, Old Deerfield, MA

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From “Banza” to “Banjar”, A Lecture-Concert

A history of the banjo and its music from the 1600’s to modern times.

Michael Nix presents a short history of the banjo in America in a lecture-concert, featuring three types of historical banjos and the Banjar, a modern seven-string classical banjo of his own design:

The “Banza “ or Gourd Banjo (1630’s-early 1800’s) Early music of African dance, minstrel music, and the influence of African and minstrel banjo on Appalachian banjo styles.

The Classical 5-String Banjo (mid to late 1800’s to present day) The influence of European classical guitar playing on finger-style classical banjo.

The modern 5-String Bluegrass Banjo (Early 1900’s) The influence of classical banjo style on modern bluegrass banjo styles.

The Banjar , A modern 7-String Classical Banjo (2004) The development of the modern 7-string classical banjo by Michael Nix with compositions and arrangements for the instrument.

“What an amazing concert. Your repertoire and skill held us enthralled. Thank you for an extraordinary evening.”

–Genevieve Fraser, Village Lyceum Series, First Congregational Parish, Unitarian, Petersham

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The Devine-Nix Duo

Chris Devine: Violin, Mandolin

Michael Nix: Banjar, Guitar, Mandolin

Composed and improvised chamber music for Violin, Cello, Guitar, Mandolin, and the Banjar. Argentine Tango, Brazilian Choro, Neapolitan Mandolin, American Banjo music, Jazz, and multi-genre original compositions.

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Gloria Matlock and Michael Nix

The Traditions of African American Music

Two performance offerings available:

Concert program:

A concert program featuring, spirituals, story songs, work songs, songs of slavery and emancipation, present day freedom songs, early banjo songs, and the modern compositions of Michael Nix and Adam Matlock.

Educational sing-along program:

Decoding the lyrics of early African American Song –A Lecture/Sing-along. Learn how enslaved people secretly communicated with one another about a wide range of topics through song lyrics and about how the early the early African, Caribbean, and African-American roots of the banjo.

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Classical, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Banjar, Mandolin, 5-String Bluegrass Banjo, Tenor Banjo, Plectrum Banjo, Uke, and Lute Guitar

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